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After careful consideration the ACC board has decided to replace the present categories with categories that describe the type of membership in broad terms in order to avoid misinterpretation of categories.

The main reason for this is that the ACCinSA doesn’t have statutory power and decisions about a counselling status remain the prerogative of the Health Professions Council in South Africa.

Thus, the misinterpretation of counselling categories assigned by ACCinSA might cause legal problems.

Membership will now be indicated as follows:

Category A: Full membership (Professional)
These members hold qualifications in the fields of mental health (Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, Psychiatric Nursing, Social Work or related fields) and are registered with another professional body in South Africa such as Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Category B: Full membership (Para-professional)
Counsellors with training in counselling not categorised or acknowledged by professional bodies with statutory status in South Africa (Theology, Pastoral Counselling or related fields).

Category C: Affiliated membership
Students in Psychology, Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, Theology or related fields.

Category D: Partners of ACCinSA
People interested in and supportive of the ACCinSA.

Membership fees

Another development envisaged is to further develop the ACCinSA as a network of Christian mental health professionals and counsellors, able to form a strong teaching and learning community.

This would include activities such as joint research projects focusing on Christian counselling, engaging in online teaching and learning in the form of webinars, online courses and forum discussions.

The aim is to expand the field of Christian Counselling in Southern Africa. Thus, members will have the opportunity to engage on different levels with each other and the community.

This would result in gaining more knowledge and experience. Since 2015 membership the membership fee remained the same at R200.00.

Further changes will be announced in the  e-newsletters as I hope to receive feedback from all of you regarding your needs and expectations regarding the role of the ACCinSA.

News archive is available here.


Membership of the ACC offers participants the opportunity to associate with other individuals who seek the highest degree of excellence in Christian counselling.

In addition, members of the ACC enjoy these practical benefits:

  • Accreditation and a Certificate of Membership;
  • The newsletter, Christian Counselling News, which features news of practical interest to Christian counsellors and informative articles by leading Christian Professionals;
  • Continuing education opportunities;
  • Attendance of seminars and congresses at reduced rates;
  • Affiliation with other Christian counsellors in South Africa;
  • Discussion groups in their local regions;
  • Affiliation and interaction with international Christian counsellors

ACCinSA Membership Application Form

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